DANIELLE SIOBHAN, FASHION DESIGNER looking for opportunities in Paris, France.


Danielle Siobhan is continually intrigued by the juxtaposition of the contemporary and vintage worlds. Equally, mesmerized by the inspiration of her poetry on her work. She often immerses herself in an emotional and mysterious universe. Her focus lies in interpreting and incorporating the poetic, unfathomable and dark, yet romanticized world around us into something tangible. Utilizing transparency, fluidity, leather and artisanal craft in unison, promoting confidence, sophistication, and femininity, while constantly traversing the line between modern-chic and classic silhouettes. In a combination of traditional skills, expressive skin exposure, and minimal use of color, her designer identity emerges with a refined yet grungy edge.


“The world is anything but lacking in inspiration.

Every object, every person, every moment, every breath;

The world radiates inspiration.

The ability to welcome that inspiration and transpose it into a new dimension of physicality is a gift;

Is a joy;

Is a dream.

One that I have been given, profited from, and sought after.

The moment of creation,

The process of bringing something new into existence,

Is one that I find perpetually pleasing.

Refining chaos,

Embellishing simplicity


Simultaneously reducing and exploiting the art of fashion

In order to produce a fluid,

Conceptual collection.

Utilizing transparency and fluidity in unison.

Promoting confidence, elegance, and femininity.

Creating looks with a sophisticated, yet grungy edge.

A form enhancing,

Poetic exposure of skin and lace intertwined

In a black and white affair.”

– Danielle Siobhan


Over the course of her final year in fashion, at Parsons Paris the New School for Design, Danielle worked ceaselessly on her thesis collection, FRAGMENT / FRAGMENTAL. The collection was the embodiment of her, still emerging, designer identity. The runway show of her collection immersed the audience in a dark, emotional and mysterious universe, as heavy, fragmented leather pieces folded and puckered with the movement of the body down the runway. A contrast of carefully hand stitched sculptural silhouettes with supple, fluid leather silhouettes were visualized as the unification of leather and silk disembarked. Leather became bonded to silk and vice versa, leaving the juncture naturally seamless. The shades of black in the collection were brought to life by the unique surface texture of each material, as lights reflected in different manners.




Born and raised in Minnesota, USA, Danielle’s artistic tendencies were shaped by a Waldorf education. This early development, as not only an artist, but an individual capable of clear, creative thought and expression, led her to follow her passion of becoming a fashion designer.

After high school in the states, she took a large leap away from home, and moved to Paris to pursue an education in Fashion Design. She spent the Foundation year, expanding upon knowledge across all domains of art; sculpture, drawing, digital illustration (Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign), painting, photography, videography, art history.

She worked for the school as an on-campus intern, the front desk receptionist; a friendly face of the school, greeting, guiding tours… receptionist duties.  She also worked with the Student Life Office, organizing social events for the students, and keeping on top of student paperwork (filing, photocopying, organizing and entering data in Jenzabar). In addition to the on-campus internship, she took advantage of other opportunities to intern, such as, a showroom assistant for Diane von Furstenberg, spring collection, where she assisted in styling, dressing models and organizing the showroom.

Finally, her first year of fashion rolled around. It was all she had anticipated and more. Sometimes overwhelming, yes, but she remained motivated and pushing forward, eager to learn. She expanded upon her skills in fashion illustration techniques, the conceptualization of collections, pattern drafting, draping, sewing, digital illustration, technical flats, and fashion history. She also began interning for a London based showroom, Polly King & co., each Paris fashion week, taking on the role of showroom manager.

With the fruitful termination of her first year in fashion over, she was able to develop and refine her abilities, as well as discover and strengthen her personal designer identity moving through her last two years of school. She also worked as a fashion design intern with a Paris-based fashion label, Zhen et Mossi, conducting research (iconographic and material), development, sketching, and designing of the ready-to-wear collection.